Let's Talk It's a Dog's Life

It's a dog's world. Alison engages in Bouvier warfare with a ball in Redondo Beach.

Our Bouviers love to play fetch. Let me rephrase that. One of the Bouviers, Luna, loves to play fetch. I throw the ball, she runs as fast as she can, and happily brings  the ball to my feet and looks imploringly at me to throw it again. She drops the slimy, saliva drenched ball and I swear she is smiling. I pick up the truly gross wet orb and throw with all my might.

Argus, on the other hand, if he gets a hold of the ball will run around, hoping to be chased by Luna or anyone for that matter. But does Argus EVER give me the ball? Does he share? Does he deposit the ball so that I can toss it for him? Oh no.

Argus is the definition of stubborn. Once he gets that ball nothing, nothing will get him to relinquish it. After 20 minutes, Luna has given up; sad, bored and disenchanted. Me? I'm a little tired of chasing him. We give up and tell the pups it's time to go home. 

Luna sadly comes to my side so I can put on her leash. I know she feels slightly short changed but she's pretty lazy, so giving up is not such a hardship. She’s such a good girl.

My husband calls HIS dog and Argus comes running, ball in mouth. "Drop it," he says sternly. "Off!" he says, a bit more loudly. Argus looks up ever so innocently, ball tightly ensconsed in his very strong Bouvier jaws. Ball is staying put, right in his mouth.

Long story short, Argus just wont let go. Won't drop the ball. Won't let Ken pull it out of his mouth. Since I truly believe I can talk to animals, especially my animals, I start up a conversation, a private discourse between Argus and Me. I explain why we have to go home, why he should be a good dog so we can come back and play again. I describe how dad is getting irritated and it is TIME TO DROP the darn ball.

Argus looks at me as if saying, "You fool, I love you but I AIN'T dropping this ball." So what do I do? I try to pry open his jaws. The harder I pry, the more he clenches down. There is NO way I'm getting that ball.

Step two: Water Boarding

Desperate times require desperate measures. I stride purposely up to the hose. I turn it on, not quite sure what I'm going to do with the water. The last thing I want is a 110 lb WET BOUVIER! As I approach, Ken grabs the tip of the ball and yanks. He pulls and groans. Argus is watching me with the water out of the corner of his big brown eye and I guess he thinks better about his position....he loosens up the death grip and Ken reels backwards successfuly with Ball in hand. Argus looks defeated. Luna is asleep.

Ken is laughing and i'm feeling more like a big doofus than Ceasar Milan.

Dogs, they are pure happiness! 

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Angela Moore April 16, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Agreed! Thanks for painting this picture of pure dog loving bliss.
Alison Clay-Duboff April 16, 2012 at 09:39 PM
They are loved, spoiled and loved some more! The joy they bring is immeasurable.
Ken April 16, 2012 at 09:54 PM
My wife makes it sound so easy. It isn't. But I sure love my wife.


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