Hermosa Beach Sunset

The sunsets in Hermosa Beach can be beyond belief. Add your photos to ours.

The first evening in November brought with it a stunning sunset in Hermosa Beach.

As I ventured to the top of the parking structure near the Beach House Hotel where I was headed to for a chamber of commerce event to meet the city's new city manager, there was no way around trying to snap a few photos.

At the top of the stairs, a young man was standing in a small alcove of sorts that probably gives the best unobstructed view of the ocean and sky over it.

When he saw me to his left, pulling my camera out of its case, he yielded his spot, saying, "You need to stand here." As he moved toward a car on the roof of the structure, I stepped into the alcove to take my shots.

These photos have had nothing done to them; this is how they turned out sans any photo editing.

I hope you enjoy them.

Add yours to this brief item. I'm sure you've all got fabulous Hermosa Beach sunset shots.


Emily Piemonte November 05, 2012 at 03:06 PM
beautious! that is why we live here :)


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