Hermosans Rally to Donate Blood

The Hermosa Beach Blood Drive collected a record number of pints. How many do you think they received from donors?

Hermosa Beach residents and others helped Candy Ayllón-McPhail collect a record 45 pints of donated blood during the staging of her 8th blood drive earlier this month. 

More than 55 people went to the Clark Building to donate blood, said Ayllón-McPhail, an HB resident, surpassing the previous record of 40 donated pints.

Among the donors were a newly engaged HB couple, Erin Shelton and Robert Hastings, who donated blood for the first time, and HB Neighborhood Watch leader Kelly Kovac-Reedy and her husband, donating for their third and second times, respectively.

Wrote Hermosa Beach resident Kovac-Reedy in an email, "This past Sunday, my husband and I gave blood at the HB Blood Drive. It was my third time and his second time. This particular time was extra special to me. My Uncle is currently in the hospital and almost died due to a tear in his stomach causing massive internal bleeding. I am grateful for the 25 pints of blood he received. As I sat in the chair on Sunday, I said a silent THANKS to the 25 anonymous people who donated their blood. I hope that I can pay forward the thanks by giving my blood (every opportunity that I can)."

Calling the blood drive "a life-saving cause," she wrote in an email, "At this time of extreme blood shortage, it is with great pride that we brought 45 pints of blood to Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital. This is significant at a time when most blood drives are forced to shut down for the donors' safety due to the recent heat wave.

"Thank you so much for selflessly giving the source of life," she continued. "We are so fortunate to be in good health and be so capable of helping others.
One pint can save up to three lives, so every pint counts!"

Individuals interested in donating blood can call Providence Blood Donor Center at 310-303-5843 for an appointment. The facility is at 4101 Torrance Blvd., Torrance.

Ayllón-McPhail said the next Hermosa Beach Blood Drive is scheduled for Jan. 27, 2013 in the Clark Building.


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