It's Tsunami Week - Are You Ready?

The Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch is encouraging residents to think about how they will act in the event of an earthquake and tsunami.

In the event of a major earthquake, Hermosa Beach is at significant risk of being drowned by a tsunami - something Kelly Kovac-Reedy, co-founder of the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch, says most residents are not aware of.

"We go around to block meetings and people have no clue what's under the ocean," Kovac-Reedy said.

So the group is pushing Tsunami Preparedness Week, which is this week, encouraging residents to be aware that if a major earthquake displaces the ocean floor off the Southern California coast, residents in Hermosa Beach may have only seconds to get to higher ground - and city emergency services won't have time to send out reverse 911 or similar alerts.

"They're not going to have time," Kovac-Reedy said.

While there won't be any festivals or meetings, Kovac-Reedy pointed out that the California Emergency Management Agency will be having a webcast on March 29 at 2 p.m. on what to do. Residents can also to to the National Weather Service site to get more information on what to do in the event of an earthquake and tsunami.


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