Landmark Hermosa: the Greenbelt

If you guessed the Greenbelt for this morning’s trivia, you were right.

The greenbelt—a 3.7 mile trail that runs north-south through Hermosa Beach—has been a part of town since the early 1960s, but holds rich history that dates back farther in time.

The trail was actually a piece of the in the early 1900s, according to the Hermosa Beach Historical Society, serving as the only transportation system through Hermosa Beach at the time.

In the 1920s, a railroad depot was built at Ardmore and Pier avenues and then was torn down in the 1960s.

The historical society archives report that former Hermosa Beach Councilman and Mayor Jack Belasco planted trees along the pathway, developing the greenbelt as residents and visitors see it now as a small community nature trail.

A couple of decades later, in the 1980s, residents voted to preserve the greenbelt for recreational use. Exercise stations were installed in 2008 and the path has become one of the in town.

Most recently, in July, , along with other boy scouts, extended the greenbelt between Gould Avenue and 30th Street as well as repaired the trail between Pier and Gould avenues as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Congratulations to Rick Koenig and Patrick Kovac for correctly guessing today's Landmark Hermosa. We'll have a new trivia next Friday.


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