Neighborhood Watch Looking for Survey Answers

The Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch is asking residents to take its emergency preparedness survey.

It may not be the most scientific poll, but according to Tracy Hopkins, one of the co-founders of the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch, their regular poll of emergency preparedness does give the group an idea of where Hermosa Beach residents are at in their emergency planning.

"We want to assess how prepared residents are," Hopkins said. "It helps us to recognize the gaps where the work needs to be done."

The survey was first started in 2008 and has been done every year since then, except for in 2010, when the group did an awareness campaign instead.

The number of residents with emergency kits has been growing over the past few years, while, oddly, the number of people who know how to do CPR has been dropping.

"I can't say exactly why," Hopkins said.

The survey can be taken at this link. Hopkins is hoping for around 500 responses.


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