PHOTOS: Couples Tie the Knot on 12/12/12

The unique date had many couples saying their vows Wednesday at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Just as the numbers of the date lined up -- 12/12/12 -- so too did dozens of couples Wednesday at the Los Angeles Superior Court Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles.

It is a date that will not come around again for another 100 years and is the last time this century that the month, day and abbreviated year will all align.

At the airport courthouse, more than 20 couples took advantage of the unique date stamp on their marriage licenses and said their vows during civil ceremonies that lasted around 10 minutes each.

"It is such a lucky date," said Jayne Zhang shortly after tying the knot. "To me, the number 12 means two become one," Zhang said, explaining that the number 12 requires "1" and "2" to come together.

Zhang said that although their official wedding ceremony and party will not occur until next year, they wanted to make their marriage official on 12/12/12 so it would be printed on their marriage license.

Yvonne Campuzano, who packed the small wedding chapel on the sixth floor of the courthouse with close to 20 family members, said that the date has significant meaning for her and new husband Jose. Campuzano said that not only was it 12/12/12, but her and Jose have been dating for 12 years.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles County, other courthouses were busier than usual with an uptick in wedding ceremonies, according to the county registrar-recorder/county clerk.

In Beverly Hills, the smaller courthouse was fully booked with 20 weddings, sending many couples south to the airport courthouse instead.

For Laura Roque, who attempted to get married in Beverly Hills but settled on the airport courthouse, getting married on the unique date is something she hopes future generations will look at and take notice.

"If anybody does any genealogy years later, they will be like 'that was a cool couple,'" Roque said. "You will always remember it."

Nancy Wride December 13, 2012 at 01:12 AM
I LOVE these photos of the couples getting hitched today, 12-12-12, and do you think they will have better luck in their marriages?
Jim December 13, 2012 at 02:08 AM
I heard this is Lawrence Welch Day, a one and a two, a one and a two, a one and a two!
Laura Thomas December 13, 2012 at 11:50 PM
Ha ha, Jim! That's great - Lawrence Welk day! My husband and I got hitched at the Airport courthouse in 2006 - you know, it's pretty nice. More than I expected, anyway. We got married on the very first Friday in 2006 - which was epiphany, January 6. I didn't realize the religious implications until later that day when a friend who is Greek Orthodox reminded me of this and I thought, yeah, that's it - my marriage is an epiphany! (Well, not really, but it's crossed my mind a few times.) Best wishes to all the new married couples - no matter what date you choose, it's always special to you and those who love you.


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