Blog: Al in Wonderland (His Election Waning in the Looking Glass)

Al Muratsuchi, or "Al in Wonderland," just released a childish send-up mailer of his opponent for the 66th Assembly District. What's the real story behind the Looking Glass?

The California Democratic Party just mailed a “children’s book” smearing Craig “Mad Hatter” Huey as the “Master of Ceremonies” of an extreme right-wing “Tea Party”. This latest attack to “inform” the voters with outright slander then claims at the end: “Thank goodness for Al Muratsuchi.” However, nothing screams "condescending desperation” than this catalogue of lies and distortions in a “child-like” print. Do the Democratic operatives really believe that the voters in the South Bay are a bunch of lily buds waiting for a Mommy Flower to direct them in song? Either someone has been smoking the hookah with the Caterpillar, or they really all are “mad” down there.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or spill me tea and crumpets when I saw the ad. “A very merry un-birthday to you,” Mr. Muratsuchi!

First, the mailer alludes that Huey is an anti-choice, anti-woman bigot, an elder abuser who wants to kick grandpa off of Medicare and out the door.  Huey has a documented and award-winning legacy in his business, with nothing but empty innuendo connecting his firm with the failings of other mailings or marketing firms. He is a proud husband and father, both of sons and daughters. In all of his attacks against Huey, Muratsuchi has outlined nothing that will stave off the pension and benefits obligations which are bankrupting this state. Or is “Al in Wonderland” going to pass the cake first and worry about cuts later, like Alice at the Battle of the Lion and the Unicorn?

Muratsuchi seems to be changing the size and shape of his attacks, to no effect. First he says “Eat Me!” when he claims that he will defend Prop. 13, but no one is biting, since he has refused to sign the “Protect Prop. 13” Pledge. Then he says “Drink Me!” when he talks up his tenure on the Torrance Unified Board of Education defending the interests of the schools against the crippling cuts which the major party—his Democratic “Tea Party”—yet he refuses give back the money from the same public sector unions which have blocked meaningful tenure reform, to expedite the removal of immoral and incompetent teachers, or to enact comprehensive pension reform, which every public sector union opposes. No one is drinking Muratsuchi's cup of tea, and his election chances are getting smaller by the minute.

Muratsuchi has claimed that because of his training and experience as a state prosecutor, he will stand up to the special interests in Sacramento and protect our tax dollars. The voters can trust Al with their money just as the oysters trusted that the Walrus and the Carpenter were just going to read them a story about “cabbages and kings.” We do know that they ate very well, and certainly Muratsuchi will enjoy the high-life in the Capitol, but why should we permit him to consume our livelihood and financial future of our children with tax increases? Al can tell all the tales he wants to, but the voters should not sit and wait to hear the rest of the sad story, which ends with our state and our future eaten away.

The state prosecutor wants to give the impression that he is independent, yet with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Democratic political machine, plus the partnership with Congressman Henry “Cheshire Cat” Waxman, his claims are evaporating quickly, like the “Was it a cat I saw” on the tree, with nothing but his menacing glee remaining. Waxman and Muratsuchi have PAC money coming out of their ears, like the long-range March Hare, still eating his bread and drinking the same party line of tax and spend now, and save ... whenever! If any two were more alike than Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, look no further than the policies and positions of Waxman and Muratsuchi, a sad similitude enough to dissuade voters from promoting more liberal-statist rubber stamps at the state and the federal level.

Al has fallen down the Rabbit Hole, apparently, where the same mad cohorts that accosted the little girl in Wonderland are now pandering to his vanity, that the right amount of money and lies will give him the Assembly Seat. “Off with his head!” they cry, attempting to drive Huey’s reputation into the ground with vapid mud-slinging. Then there is the Red Queen, played by the California Democratic Party, which has threatened vested interests throughout California if they support Craig Huey’s campaign for Assembly. They want nothing that will prevent their spend-thrift majority from having the one-party dominance that will give them Carte Blanche power to enact tax increases. Who needs the Knave of Hearts with Democratic dominance in the statehouse?

The voters in the South Bay do not need some “White Knight” coming to our rescue in Sacramento. Less government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations sound like the order of the day. Craig Huey is more like the White Rabbit, yet unlike the leaping leporidae, Huey is not too late, and the voters in the South Bay can make sure that he gets to Sacramento on time.

Vote for Craig Huey for the 66th Assembly District.

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Pure Hapa October 31, 2012 at 09:00 PM
I received a campaign mailer today from Al Muratsuchi, a Torrance school board member running for Assembly. The front of the color mailer shows the photos of six smiling endorsers, with the headline, "Our Community unites for Al Muratsuchi." The common feature of this community of endorsers? They are all of Asian descent. The endorsers are George Nakano, Ted Lieu, Daniel Inouye, John Chiang, Paul Tanaka, and Judy Chu. This mailer was sent to me, a mixed race woman with Asian heritage. (And a registered Republican). I was floored. The six Asian faces smiling at me, beseeching me to be part of the "community" by voting for a candidate of Asian descent. Really?! I sent an email to him expressing my anger: "I am NOT going to vote according to my race, and I hope people don't do such a thing although I'm sure such behavior appeals to some - those who insist on ghettofication by race or by income. Those who would like to have their own Victim Badge to pull out as a form of perverse identification, further balkanizing the American people and splintering us into special interest groups. NO THANK YOU. How would your mailer have looked like if it was all-black endorsers of a black candidate? Hispanic? Woman? I suppose if you saw these examples as racist you would not have okayed your mailer. How clueless, rude and disgusting."
Arthur Christopher Schaper October 31, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Pure Hapa: You are "pure integrity!" -- Vote for Craig, he will represent you, regardless of your race, color, or culture!


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