George Carlin's Birthday Celebrated at Hermosa Beach

The comic's birthday is May 12 but fellow comedians and his daughter will gather at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club to celebrate tonight.

George Carlin may have snickered at the idea of people celebrating his birthday after his death but tonight at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club, comedians will gather to pay homage to the great philosopher and joke man.

Organized by the late comedian’s daughter, Kelly Carlin, the 75th anniversary of his birthday will include appearances by Gary Shandling, Dana Gould and numerous others.

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, a non-profit institution that protects the first amendment rights of free speech and free press.

"Dad would hate that we're celebrating a dead man's birthday," Kelly Carlin told the Los Angeles Daily News. "But (expletive) it. It gives me an excuse to raise money for this fantastic organization -- for the First Amendment -- and that's something he obviously was a proponent of."

George Carlin performed several times at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club after it opened in the late 1970s (read more here…)


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