Tosh.0 Treadmill Marathon in Hermosa

The Pier Plaza marathon on treadmills Friday is part of the popular Comedy Central show.

Comedy Central's Tosh.0 took over Pier Plaza in Hermosa Beach on Friday afternoon with a treadmill marathon. Endurance athletes, U.S. servicemen, and even some Hermosa Beach residents took part in running the marathon on exercise equipment as passersby stopped to hear stand-up comedian and host Daniel Tosh cheer them on (and crack some jokes.)

"Is waterboarding a good way to hydrate," he asked the crowd as some of the runners chuckled.

He then tried to get one of the runners to chant, "I don't know what I've been told, running on treadmills never gets old."

The marathon was part of the Tosh.0 show, which features online viral videos and comedic sketches.

As the timer for the marathon almost reached an hour, servers walked around the stage of treadmills with food (including chicken wings) and refreshments. Some of the runners grabbed a wing and took a bite without missing a step on the treadmill.

"It's supposed to be a joke," Tosh exclaimed to the crowd. "I can't believe people are actually eating chicken wings."


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