First Through-the-Navel Hysterectomy in an L.A. Hospital Performed in Marina del Rey

Marina Del Rey Hospital. Patch file photo.
Marina Del Rey Hospital. Patch file photo.

Submitted by Marina Del Rey Hospital:

Marina Del Rey Hospital became the first Los Angeles-area hospital to perform a single-site hysterectomy on April 28. 

The 145-bed acute care surgical hospital’s board certified gynecological surgeon, Dr. David Ghozland, performed two of these highly specialized procedures with the minimally invasive da Vinci Si robotic system

“Marina Del Rey Hospital is committed to being at the forefront of new and advanced procedures that improve the patient experience, and we are proud to be the first area hospital to offer this less invasive surgery,” said Ghozland.

Some of the reasons women hesitate to receive surgery to treat a condition include pain, scarring and long recovery times that can impact their daily routine. Ghozland said. 

The single-site surgery uses the naval as the surgical access point meaning that it’s less invasive and patients are typically able to go home within 24 hours after surgery. 

“With our expertise in this single-site procedure, we are able to virtually eliminate scarring, lessen the recovery time, as well as potentially minimize pain compared to a traditional hysterectomy,” Ghozland said.

All necessary instruments are incorporated into one assembly of the da Vinci Si, a robotically assisted surgery system, offering better visibility and dexterity as the system eases the way for the doctor to perform procedures. 

The high-definition 3-D camera offers the performing surgeon an up-close image of the surgical site. The surgeon manipulates the instruments while seated at a console. The controls that the surgeon uses allow for intuitive, precise motion. 

The suite results in more precise, fluid movements and a reduced risk of error during the procedure as even the tiniest of gestures performed by the surgeon are analyzed and stabilized by the suite’s program.

In addition to performing single-site hysterectomies, Marina Del Rey Hospital surgeons are also trained to perform single-site cholecystectomy procedures. As it happens, the hospital was also the first in the area to offer the single-site cholecystectomy beginning in February 2013. 

For more information about Marina Del Rey Hospital and its expertise in minimally invasive women’s surgery, or to schedule a consultation with one of our gynecological surgeons, visit http://www.marinahospital.com/women-center


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