Hermosa Beach Small Business Spotlight: IROCKE

Patch learns more about a local company looking to be the No. 1 source for live digital concerts on the planet.

Saint Rock is one of the best known live music venues in the South Bay. Inside its walls was born an idea that aims for worldwide appeal to digital age music lovers. Charles Walker of IROCKE took the time to answer six questions from Patch about the business.

Patch: When and how did IROCKE get started?

Charles Walker, Head of Listings for IROCKE: From the humble beginnings inside the walls of Saint Rocke grew the notion for what is IROCKE. As a way to attract larger bands and artists to play the intimate beach-city venue, owner Allen Sanford appealed to them by offering a live streaming component that allowed bands like Bush, NOFX, Rebelution, and others to reach their fans from around the world. Sanford partnered with now IROCKE co-founder Karl Rogers to create a product and think in mass consumer terms and broad appeal. Thus the no. 1 source for live digital concerts on the planet with the goal of creating a central global platform through which artists play and present music for their fans anywhere, anytime was born in 2012. 

Patch: What's your business known for?

Walker: IROCKE \'i-rock'\ – IROCKE is the #1 source for live digital concerts worldwide. IROCKE offers the simplest way to discover and attend live digital concerts with friends. For artists and brands, IROCKE provides a powerful and customizable platform for distributing and promoting live digital performances and appearances worldwide.

Patch: What's unique about your business?

Walker: Nobody else is doing what we're doing, and we believe this is the future of the music industry that is seeing the digital age disrupting it.

Patch: What's the best part the neighborhood you are located in?

Walker: The warehouse/industrial district of Hermosa Beach. You know, right where we wanted to be because the founders grew up around here - surfing, playing music, etc. 

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Walker: There's music out there waiting for you to discover. Never stop discovering.  

Patch: How can people contact your business?

Walker: info@irocke.com


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