Jay Leno Likes the McDonald's on PCH

Did you know that at the McDonald's on the corner of 11th Street and PCH, you can get 24-hour Internet access for free?

If you ever get the late night munchies and still need Internet access, the McDonald's on the corner of 11th Street and PCH is a 24-hour drive-thru with free WiFi.

My favorite manager at that McDonald's is Danny — that guy always is in a great mood, smiles when he takes your order and smiles when he says goodbye.

This consistent level of service keeps me going back to the location.

Plus, who doesn't like the golden arches once in a while? Danny told me that comedian Jay Leno is a fan.

Leno visits once in a while, as do many other celebrities. But he always pulls up in a different classic car.

Recently my neighbor told me that he ran into Jay Leno getting a burger at that McDonald's. So the next time I went there I asked Danny about it. He said that Leno pulled up in a big green classic car to the drive-thru.

Leno must like the service at McDonalds too; I don't think he's using his laptop to surf the Internet.

Do you know what kind of car Jay Leno is driving in the accompanying picture? Tell us in the comments.


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