Thanksgiving Desserts That Promise to Satisfy

Check out this holiday rundown of sweet treats, ranging from cookies to pies to gluten free and vegan options.

Whether you love pumpkin or you're allergic to gluten, this holiday rundown of recipes compiled by Patch should have something for every kind of dessert lover.


Pumpkin pie is a staple at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

For others, pecan pie seals the deal for a successful turkey day.

Feeling ambitious this Thanksgiving? Try this pumpkin cream pie recipe.

Apple pie is another big hit with those who are susceptible to sweets.


Have a taste of this pumpkin walnut cake.

Ever heard of the Thanksgiving cheesecake? Try it out.

The creators of this pumpkin cake say it's the "turkey spotlight stealing" addition to your dining room table.


Try making these pumpkin pinwheels for a solid piece of eye and stomach candy.

Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting are looking mighty good.

Not a pumpkin fan? Will these cinnamon pecan bites suffice?

Something Different

These pumpkin cake rolls combine a number of sweet ingredients for a unique experience.

Pumpkin parfaits are fun to create and enjoyable to eat.

Maple cheesecake with roasted pears sounds quite delectable.

For an icy treat, try this recipe for cranberry sorbet.

Gluten Free

Enjoy the traditional favorite with this pumpkin pie recipe.

Pecan pie can be gluten free too.

Pumpkin brownies? Yes, please.


Vegans can enjoy cheesecake pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

This recipe for right side-up pear cake may have some dairy lovers asking for more.

For a lighter dessert, try the fresh summer fruit tart.

Share your favorite holiday dessert recipes with your neighbors. Tell us how you celebrate with sweets in the comments sections below. 

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