Bill Nye Says Creationism is Not Appropriate to Teach Children, What Do You Think?

The Studio City Science Guy has created a stir among some.

Studio City's longtime resident has ruffled a few groups by saying that children should be protected from creationist points of view, especially in schools.

He insists he's not attacking religion, and he is not pointing out problems with any particular religious group, but when education and science teachings gets interfered with by religious beliefs, then it's a problem.

He made a plea to adults who don't believe in evolution to "Please, don’t make your kids think that, too." He created an educational video for ThinkBig.org.

(Watch the video here: “Bill Nye to creationist parents: Don’t force your crazy beliefs on kids.”)

He had to explain a bit more on a CBS interview the next day, saying:

"You can believe what you want religiously. Religion is one thing, but science, provable science is something else. My concern is you don’t want people growing up not believing in radioactivity, not believing in geology and deep time. You don’t want people in the United States growing up without the expectation that we can land spacecraft on Mars. You want people to believe in science, this process, this great idea that humans had to discover more about the universe and our place in it, our place in space."

Nye explained that the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally.

What do you think?

J.L. Capps August 31, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Who ever said I was a Christian sir!? I certainly did not! Your absolute fear of that which you do not and can not understand blinds your spirit from taking the necessary steps into acheiving a better understanding of existence. It is you and people like you sir that have impeded societal devolpment thru out history, and I'm sure would of claimed chemistry to be sorcery back in the 15th century! You actually said it best in a previous comment... Just because you cannot see or understand it does not make it less REAL and Definitley does not deny its existence. Without proof Einstein would have been regarded as a fool, and in the same sense if we stopped him from trying to produce proof because we thought it was silly or fraudulent where would our society be. You my friend are the worst of the worst of us.
Tess August 31, 2012 at 04:44 PM
I have a problem with people telling me I am an atheist if I do not believe in Creationism. I have no problem with believing in evolution. I have no problem in believing we were created by God and put on the evolution pathway. With the Creator, in my heart, I feel all things are possible and some beyond our scope. I have no problem in thinking that the Creator did not define a day by our own limited "24 hour" point of view. Yes, I do feel a number of passages in the Bible are meant to be allegorical, not literal. Peace.
Phil Ramsay August 31, 2012 at 05:02 PM
OK - my mistake regarding my assuption re. your faith. I'll agree too that there are plenty of things that require proof. Also true that there are plenty of things that are impossible to prove or know. Fine - live and let live. Really, best wishes for you (sincerely).
J.L. Capps August 31, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Also 2 Tess, "I have a problem with people telling me I am an atheist if I do not believe in Creationism." Do not be tricked into the idea that creationism has anything to do with Jesus or Christanity period! True creationism began over 4,000 thousand years ago, it's the idea that a Being uncomprehendible to you and I but there non the less, has "CREATED" everything in the comprehendible Universe, or in some beliefs is the Universe. "I have no problem in believing we were created by God and put on the evolution pathway. With the Creator, in my heart, I feel all things are possible and some beyond our scope." Do not let those afraid of the REAL TRUTH (which I don't claim to have any idea about, & belive personally that no one does), but don't let them stop you from seeking it, that's what's been impeding our devolpment as a species since the dawn of man. We are all built from the EXACT SAME MATERIALS, unarguable, even in science. The differences lie in the spirit that imbodies us. Your spirit seems open for growth, society needs you, and I thank you.
J.L. Capps August 31, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Mr Phil, Amen, or awesome or whatever! Lol words are just words and cannot hurt any one, we need to keep wondering if we are dreaming when we are wake or while we are asleep. In REALITY again LOVE is the only real good we know, we should focus A LOT more ENERGY on that, than on stopping the idea of a thorough education, just because we disagree. Much Loveto you Big Phil! Truly, JL


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