How to 'Ghost' Before Halloween in the South Bay

Ghosting is a fun, new pre-Halloween tradition that the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

The phrase “getting ghosted” doesn't just refer to someone throwing on a sheet and trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Ghosting, sometimes know as boo-ing, is a new Halloween craze that’s taking over neighborhoods this October and bringing a little extra mischievous fun to the month.

Ghosting involves the whole family; the steps are simple. Just one ghosting can pave the way for an exciting tradition in your neighborhood and community for years to come.

To properly ghost, all you will need are two Halloween goodie bags filled with treats and two printed images of a ghost with instructions of how to carry on the ghosting tradition. We've added a ghosting PDF above for you to print and use around your neighborhood.

Here's a quick rundown on how to ghost:

  1. After dark, pile your kids into the car for some playful Halloween fun.
  2. Take the bags you’ve assembled along with the ghost images to two neighbors' homes.
  3. Tell your kids to run quickly to the door, ring the doorbell and drop the bags off at the front door.
  4. Make a quick getaway without being seen.

The “You’ve Been Ghosted” note you shared will instruct the recipient to ghost two more people in the neighborhood. Also, each person who has been ghosted should keep the paper ghost posted by the front door to let others know that the home has already been ghosted.

Ghosting can be done anytime in October to get the whole neighborhood ghosted, excited and in the Halloween spirit!


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