Blog: Ban Outdoor Smoking?

Councilman Pat Aust should live in Santa Monica where government is encouraged to be intrusive.

Councilman Pat Aust wants to ban smoking on the breezy . I suppose he wants his "Blue Zone Community" trophy. This outdoor ban will discourage smokers from spending money in Pier businesses because smoking would be forbidden outside. When Aust quells their personal liberty, smokers will seek a more pleasant situation elsewhere. In a bad economy, while much unpleasant construction is underway to renovate the Pier, Aust wants to further cripple Pier businesses. Pat Aust should be living in Santa Monica, where government is encouraged to be intrusive. 

The notion of secondhand smoke should not shape public policy—even if it had merit. Many believe the hysteria—the myth—that secondhand smoke is a hazard. And Liberals, especially, are inclined to believe that the pursuit of good health trumps personal liberty. It does not. American soldiers fought for liberty. They did not fight for a nanny state.

This medical reports is quite concise:


I do not smoke. There is nothing about cigarette smoke that I like. But that's not the issue. I object to the erosion of personal liberty. I resent that a non-smoker's disdain for smoking can impede a smoker from enjoying a lawful activity. I don't happen to like pink cars. But I will never try to keep Pat Aust or anybody else from having a pink car. 

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South Bay by Jackie June 27, 2012 at 11:41 PM
This is the last weekend to legally eat foie gras in the State of California - yes, when nobody was paying attention, the powers that be decided to enact this incredibly random law. Now Pay Aust wants to ban smoking on the RB Pier so the city can be recognized as a 'Blue Zone'. Why do these politicians think they have the right to decide what's in the citizenry's best interest? It certainly isn't in the best interest for Pier businesses. What's next on the hit list? The Fire Chief at Old Tony's? This feels a lot like that slippery slope we've all heard of....
Nicole Mooradian June 28, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Actually, I heard something interesting the other day—it won't be illegal to eat foie gras, just to sell it. There was something on grubstreet LA about it either yesterday or Monday.
Kent McCaman, Captain of Industry July 02, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Remember, these "activists" will tell you that no bird, no fish, no animal, no person, should ever be killed. They've clearly got an agenda. Why do so many people strive to impose, even legislate, their personal sensibilities (even preferences) upon others? Why is it that these people are usually Liberals? Why is it that an "activist" is always a Liberal? (Please note that only Liberals will object to the use of a generalization.) While I'm just thinking out loud, there's something about vegetarians that puzzles me. Tell me why so many vegetarians buy soy products that are fashioned to look like food items they don't want to eat -- such as hamburger patties and bacon? Be wary of the people who enable government to be intrusive. Erosion of personal liberty should summon public outrage. Yet it rarely does. Why does the average Democrat want government to meddle and intrude? As the government nanny state gets bigger, the individual becomes diminished.
Tim Sole September 24, 2012 at 08:34 PM
When we as a country, decided we could no longer support the "2nd Amendment", the government then understood that any "Liberty" could be taken. Smoking, drinking, sex, drugs, music, speech, cars and jobs have all been lost because we didn't defend the "2nd Amendment". Doesn't matter if your liberal, progressive, independent or conservative, we did it to ourselves. If we fix that, trust me the "Nanny's" will go away....


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