Political Family Matriarch Ramona Hahn Dies at 86

Ramona Hahn, wife of longtime Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, dies the day before her daughter Janice Hahn competes for a vacant seat in Congress.

Ramona Hahn, wife of late longtime Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn and mother of former Los Angeles City Mayor James Hahn and Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, has died.

She was 86.

She died Monday morning the day before her daughter, Janice, was set to compete for a vacant seat in the 36th Congressional District.

Her daughter in a joint statement with her brother said they were "devastated to announce the death of our mother."

Hahn's campaign expressed their condolences, but vowed to continue campaigning.

"We understand that Janice needs to be with her family, but the campaign will move forward—as her mother would have wanted.   Ramona was very proud of and always supportive of Janice. She was looking forward to seeing her daughter sworn in as the next Congresswoman of the 36th District. We will work very hard to make that dream a reality," said senior campaign advisor John Shallman in a statement Monday.

Ramona Hahn was born Oct. 5, 1924, in Tokyo where her parents were missionaries. She lived in Japan until age 11 and attended Pepperdine University where she met her future husband, Kenneth.

She was a lifelong member of the Church of Christ and most recently attended the Church of Christ next door in Redondo Beach.

While Kenneth Hahn served as a county supervisor for 40 years from 1952 to 1992, his wife ran the household, held the family together and until her death "continued to be the heart and soul of the Hahn family," her children said in a statement.

"Our parents were a team, working together to raise their family and to improve the lives of those Kenny represented. We have fond memories of our mother welcoming constituents into our home on Saturdays, sitting with them and our father, working to address their problems," her children said in the joint statement. "It was this constant concern for others that inspired both of us to pursue public service—for which she was constantly supportive. We know our parents are happy to be reunited in Heaven."

John Burton, head of the Democratic Party in California, extended his condolences to the Hahn family.

"Together with her husband, the great Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, and as mother to both former Los Angeles Mayor Jimmy Hahn and Congressional candidate Janice Hahn, Ramona and her family made positive contributions to civic life in Los Angeles and beyond," Burton said. "It is truly tragic that she came to pass less than a day before tomorrow's Congressional special election."

Ramona Hahn was preceded in death by her husband who died in 1997 and her sister, Jean. She is survived by her son and daughter, five brothers, five grandchildren and five great-granchildren.

Funeral services were pending at the time of this report.

Gretchen Kix July 13, 2011 at 08:45 PM
What did Ramona die of?


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