Dear Santa: Gifts for the 'It' Girl in Your Life

These essential gift items will make any Hermosa Beach socialites's dream come true.

Editor's Note: Our  has returned, for this one time only, to join in on the "Dear Santa" fun.

Being a is not an easy job. The status requires one to constantly look her best, be polite (you never know who works the front of the line at your favorite bar), and keep current with the latest beach trends.

To maintain "it" girl status, for example, owning certain items is essential. For those of you looking to make a Hermosa socialite's holiday wishes come true, use this list as a guide. 

  • In order to find out who's at which bar or club in the area, having a good phone is an absolute necessity. The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 slider phone has a touch screen and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The messenger feature has no character limit, which allows any on-the-go Hermosan to write long messages to friends. A BlackBerry is also a handy device for checking  stats during . 
  • And because a socialite is invited to events across the city every night, a BlackBerry may not be enough to keep up. This is why a Palm Z22 handheld planner is the perfect accompaniment. The digital organizer weighs only three ounces, and can organize to-do lists and keep track of weekly events. It's small enough to keep in a purse. 
  • The weather may be cold, but a local socialite hits the beach year-round.  not only has a wide selection of winter clothing, but also sells swimsuits during the holiday season. A gift certificate from Spyder is sure to keep the Hermosa "it" girl wearing the trendiest new swimsuits.
  • Though the life of a socialite is fun, it can also be pricey. After-work drinks, cover charges for concerts and dinners can add up. A gift certificate to a local restaurant such as  or  is sure to give any Hermosan something to smile about, especially an "it" girl. Even gift cards to ,  or  are perfect for those.
  • Last but not least, a socialite needs a way to document all the fun she has while out and about with friends. The Nikon S80 is a digital touch screen camera that comes in variety of colors. The camera has flash settings for daytime outings or a night of dancing. Because the "it" girl wants to be seen, she will be more than happy to take hundreds of pictures, post them on Facebook and tag her friends. 

Coming up next in the "Dear Santa" series: Hermosa Beach Patch editor Jacqueline Howard shares her ultimate holiday wish list, which includes a trip to the Apple store and a spritz of Bulgari.

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