Free Speech in Hermosa Beach

LaRouchePAC exercises its right to publicly state its opinions.

A poster with a Hitler-esque moustache on President Barack Obama was just one of the posters on display Friday on Pier Plaza near a LaRouchePAC table.

Visitors to the plaza stopped and talked with the folks staffing the table that was set up close to Hermosa Avenue to attract the attention of motorists passing by.

One sign read, "Pull over to stop Obama."

What do you think of the LaRouchePAC?

mary shap September 16, 2012 at 04:15 PM
LaRouchePAC are a bunch of brainwashed idiot kids with no clue about the real world. When Bush was President these morons had HIS picture with a Hitler mustache. I seriously doubt if these mouth breathing single IQ digit kids they recruit passed Freshman History. When America is under attack by a violent pedophile inspired religion, attacking the President with their 'special' brand of confusion and hate should be spat upon with the vitriol we think of Fred Phelps and his band of soldier-hating inbreds.
Ray Waters September 17, 2012 at 06:36 AM
I would recommend a visit to the Wikipedia article on LaRouche. LaRousche followers keep reappearing from time to tlime, but no one who spends much time investigating them will take seriously their misguided drivel.


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