Letter: AES Removal Would Benefit Entire City

It's unknown whether the retirement of AES Redondo Beach would result in the removal of the power corridor; however, the retirement will benefit the entire city, says Dawn Esser.

In response to Trudie Gavison’s letter in the Beach Reporter regarding the high-voltage power lines that run to the 405 Freeway, we appreciate the opportunity to clarify our position. Nopowerplant.com and Building a Better Redondo support removal of the lines and associated switch yards at the power plant. However, the necessity of these lines once the power plant is gone remains unknown and requires extensive study to be determined. The initiative phases out the switchyards when they're no longer needed, but the power corridor can only be addressed once the facility is retired, and the required studies are completed.

Eliminating the power plant itself will be a boon for all residents of Redondo, not just those adjacent to the plant. First, the pollutants that spew from the plant are generally blown into North Redondo. Second, eliminating the plant will increase revenues to the city, which will benefit all of us. We know from our current North Redondo supporters that plenty of North Redondo residents use and enjoy the harbor-area amenities.

Nopowerplant.com has grown into a large group of motivated residents and business leaders passionate about a future for our community that does not include a blighting, polluting, unneeded power plant. We value the opinions and questions of all. We are doing our best to share information as we move forward. We’d love to hear from you! Email us at nopowerplant@roadrunner.com.


Redondo Beach

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Alison Clay-Duboff June 02, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Let's move towards the betterment of our lives.


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