Letter: Have Fun With 'Blue Zones'

A local resident shares how her book club reading group found ways to get into 'The Blue Zones.' Vitality City is sponsoring a community read of the book. Join in!

Editor's note: This letter was originally published on Manhattan Beach Patch.

To the Editor:

In light of the ’s upcoming “On the Same Page”—a community read of The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner—and since so many in our community, especially women, belong to book clubs, why not do as my book club did and select The Blue Zones as one of your next reads during the next three months?

We incorporated the lessons of The Blue Zones into our gathering. Members contributed different foods, reflecting the customs of one of the four Blue Zones, places in the world where Buettner reports in his book that people live longer and with more satisfying lives. Of course there was a glass of red wine, a staple for the Sardinians. We congratulated ourselves on our bond of friendship through our book club (our moai) and shared our purpose journeys toward more meaningful activities in which to focus.

If your club plans to read the book, you could include lunch or dinner based on the foods from the Blue Zones, maybe take a walk together, and of course discuss the book. We found it to be well-written and that it stimulated interesting discussion.

Karen King Russo 
Manhattan Beach

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