Letter: JetBlue Takes a Spill... Literally!

Ringing for the flight attendant at first got no response.


My husband was scheduled to return from JFK Sunday on a jetBlue flight. Prior to departure, as they were readying for take-off, he noticed fuel leaking from the wing. Everyone was belted in, ready to go, so his ringing for the flight attendant at first got no response. He persisted and eventually, an attendant came to his seat, whereupon he pointed out the leaking fuel.  The attendant left, presumably to alert the captain, and 30 seconds later, the plane was taxiing back to the terminal. 

The captain informed the passengers that it was probably a malfunction in the air vent, and after a brief inspection, the plane prepared to return to the runway. When the pilot restarted the engines, no leak appeared and my husband cringed – he'd held up the flight for nothing. But within seconds, gallons of fuel began pouring out of the wing, and as the plane once again headed for the terminal, captain came on the PA system and thanked my husband for his keen observation. 

As they waited in the airport lounge, waiting for transfer to another plane, my husband was approached by several of his fellow passengers, eager to shake his hand and thank him for saving their lives. He's a quiet guy so he was a bit overwhelmed, especially when a couple of people wanted to take his picture!

Carole Raschella


Zookeeper91326 January 03, 2013 at 08:56 PM
He certainly earned his wings that day! I'm sure everyone on that plane was grateful for his alert observations. We all need to be that aware and alert when traveling!


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