Alleged Carjackers Don't Get Very Far

During daylight hours, the two suspects allegedly try to take a car when its driver stopped at ARCO for gas.

Two alleged carjackers were quickly taken into custody Saturday after reportedly attempting to take a car away from a man as he was getting fuel at Arco on Pacific Coast Highway around 4:19 p.m., said Mick Gaglia, Hermosa Beach Police detective. No weapons were used.

The report came in as a robbery in progress, making it a high priority call, said Gaglia. After entering the man's vehicle, the alleged male suspect was shoved out by the driver. A female also tried to get into the vehicle.

HBPD had the two suspects, who fled past the Community Center on Pier Avenue, in custody within minutes on the greenbelt around Ardmore Avenue, and they were positively identified. Gaglia said HBPD typically has a response time of 30-60 seconds, one of the quickest in the state. 

An observant victim and witnesses helped HBPD to immediately arrest the suspects, said Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch in an email. HBNW advises, "Be a good observer! Get descriptions, license plates, etc. and give it to dispatch/officers."


Joe October 02, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Nice Work HBPD!


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