Cigar and Smoke Shop Employee Stabbed During Robbery in Manhattan Beach

The black male adult suspect is on the loose after taking a silver cash box and slicing the employee's throat after putting him in handcuffs. What do you know or think about this crime?

A suspect described as a male black adult slashed an employee's throat and took a silver cash box during a robbery at the Cigar & Tobacco Shop in Manhattan Beach Thursday around 4:11 p.m., said MBPD Sgt. Ron Walker.

Police were alerted when witnesses saw the victim walk outside of the shop at 1751 Artesia Boulevard handcuffed and bleeding. The victim was transported to Harbor General and is expected to recover from his non-life-threatening injuries, said Walker. The handcuffs were removed at the hospital.

Video from the store shows a male black adult 5' 8" to 6' with a light moustache, white dress shirt, black tie, jeans and black dress shoes showcasing a shotgun go to the back of the store with the employee.

Walker said that no one saw the suspect flee. The employee was in the business alone at the time of the incident.

An investigation is ongoing. The amount of money in the silver cash box has yet to be determined.

Philip Clark August 17, 2012 at 04:24 AM
I know this shop. Hope the guy working there is ok.
Nisar Mohammed August 18, 2012 at 10:32 AM
yes is fine by grace of god ...
Cheong Yei August 20, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Catch him and behead him on the pier in a public ceremony. First his little head, then his big one.


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