Hermosa Police Increase Patrols This Weekend

The Labor Day holiday weekend brought lots of people to the beach city for Fiesta Hermosa and nightlife. In response to the stabbing of two men, the police chief has issued a statement.

The Labor Day weekend stabbing of two prompted Hermosa Beach Police Chief Steve Johnson to issue a statement Thursday regarding the incident:

“In response to last weekend’s incident, the Hermosa Beach Police Department will increase patrols this weekend in the entire city. In particular, we will saturate the Pier Plaza area, as well as along Hermosa and Pier avenues. While the incident that took place is a rare occurrence, we want to remind those enjoying Hermosa Beach that we will not tolerate dangerous and unruly behavior.

“To protect public safety, the Hermosa Beach Police Department will continue to fully enforce DUI, public intoxication and other public safety laws.

“The department and our officers are committed to continuing to make Hermosa Beach a safe and enjoyable community for residents and visitors alike. Hermosa Beach welcomes anyone who would like to play, shop and dine in our city, but we need their cooperation in ensuring a respectful and safe environment for all.”

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  • Hermosa Beach police also responded to a robbery during the Labor Day weekend, using a Hawthorne Police Department helicopter and assistance from other police agencies.


    Kathryn Cheng September 08, 2012 at 04:18 PM
    There's just no question that there is a correlation between the density of alcohol outlets and crime--each outlet is estimated to cause an additional 3.4 assaults per year (http://www.hbneighborhood.org/My%20Web/1%20HB%20CrimeNews%202004%203.htm). To reduce alcohol-related crime, Hermosa Beach needs to reduce the number of bars in the city, especially on the Plaza.
    H. Schwartz September 08, 2012 at 04:39 PM
    Hermosa Beach's moral compass has gone askew,legalized drinking and vomit contests on the beach,public urination and vomit every weekend,"American Junkie", stabbings and now a police state, but, at least there's not as much plastic around town.


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