Accusations Interrupt Tea Party Meeting

Secretary of state candidate Orly Taitz arrives uninvited at a Hermosa Beach gathering and accuses opponent Damon Dunn of voter fraud.

An uninvited California secretary of state candidate interrupted a Tea Party meeting in Hermosa Beach on Tuesday evening with accusations that her opponent committed voter fraud.

The meeting of the South Bay Tea Party was held at the Church of Christ on Aviation Boulevard.

The candidate, Orly Taitz, claimed that her opponent, Republican Damon Dunn, was ineligible to run because he had tried to alter his voting record. South Bay Tea Party leader Gary Aven asked Taitz to leave, but she refused.

While Dunn was speaking to the crowd, a worker for Taitz interrupted him and handed him what she said was a "summons to court."

The paper outlined a lawsuit filed by Taitz supporter Pamela Barnett that accused Dunn of being ineligible because he had asked Florida election officials in July 2009 to remove from his voting record his 1999 registration as a Democrat.

Aven asked the crowd how many people would like Taitz to stay quiet. Many in the audience shouted their agreement.

"You're asked by the core of the party to please be quiet," Aven said. "Orly, you are disturbing the peace. And what kind of person are you? You were not invited. You didn't tell me you were coming, and yet you want to interrupt my meeting."

In response to Taitz's accusations, Dunn said he had never asked Florida officials to delete his voting record. He said they deleted his record because Florida law directs officials to delete the records of people who have not voted in two consecutive federal elections in the state.

Dunn also said that Taitz had revealed his home address and phone number in a YouTube video for her campaign. Nonetheless, he said he was happy to have the chance to address the ad's accusations.

"I'm actually OK with this, quite honestly," Dunn said. "I respect that she's here, because I believe that everyone has a constitutional right to run. I believe that it's in God's will that I have the opportunity to represent, for the Republican Party, the state of California."

Taitz, an Orange County resident, was fined in 2009 by U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land for filing numerous complaints and motions against President Obama without a reasonable basis, and for using the courts as a "platform for a political agenda disconnected from any legitimate cause of action." Taitz has also tried to promote theories that Obama was born in Kenya and does not hold a U.S. birth certificate.

Taitz's reputation led Tea Party members to uninvite her from a recent Tax Day Tea Party rally in Pleasanton, CA.

Plutodog May 21, 2010 at 02:23 AM
Yoo hoo!!! Orly? Pssst, Orly, it's time for your meds, girlfriend!
J.A.Irene Matta May 26, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Attorney Taitz has more testostrone than the Republican males put together! She's qualified to practice law in many states, and also has her DDS (Dentist) degree all of which are tremendously challenging to accomplish. She's right "on the money" about the Republican candidates who have in many cases, "bamboozled" the Tea Party Patriots into believing that they're constitutionalists. Ask Sheriff Joe in AZ just who the Republicans are in his state, esp. the Attorney General along with our pal, Sen. McPain who rolled over for Obama's election takeover. Get real, get smart, and throw out all of those in D.C. - no matter the party designation. We need independent candidates who agree to Term Limits who will return our congress to constitutional governance as our Founders required. So much to do; are we up to the huge task ahead? Hang on tight for the bumpy ride ahead! AND pray like never before for the Lord Jesus Christ to guide our nation into freedom and responsibility of a free peoples to help one another in times of need.
Plutodog May 27, 2012 at 12:13 AM
You kiddee, right? Taitz is a on-line law degree "lawyer" qualified to practice law in almost no states, got her DDS (such as it its) from Romania or maybe Israel, and the challenge is to figure out how she managed to get any of that based upon her performance. She has lost countless cases, ticked off countless actual lawyers/judges, proved no case whatsoever and made sweet sticky dentist chair bump-bump with fat disbarred Charles Lincoln the Turd (whom she also employed as her legal ghost writer for quite some time).
Diane May 28, 2012 at 05:35 AM
Taitz is only allowed to practice law in CA. She is occasionally given the ability to represent clients in different states although that has been quite limited due to her incompetence which she's repeatedly made evident with every motion she has filed. More testosterone than all the Republican males put together? You may think that's a compliment but as a female, I'd find it highly insulting that anyone would think you need testosterone in order to be effective at anything you do. Taitz has not won a single case that she has filed. That alone speaks volumes. You really need to get your act together and do a bit more research on this woman who you think is deserving of anyone's support. She will never be elected to a public office in this country, especially not the Senate. Although I predict she'll file a lawsuit claiming someone or some group managed to "cheat her out of what she thought was hers" and it will happen within days of her losing.
alexandra August 05, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Why are any of these shenanigans taking place at the COC? None of these politicians are doing the will of God. When it comes to the Church, we are not supposed to be Dems, Repubs, or TPs. We are supposed to be CHRISTIANS.


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