Beach Maintains A-Grade, Except When Wet

In the first tests of the year, Hermosa Beach's ocean water quality is rated 'A' and A-plus, but when wet, Herondo Street is given an 'F.'

Environmental group Heal the Bay has given Hermosa Beach waters A and A-plus grades for cleanliness in its annual Beach Report Card, but when wet, ocean waves near the Herondo Street storm drain were given an F.

In some of the first water quality tests of the year, the grades were updated last week (see accompanying screenshot of report under photo.)

Within the previous year, in all testing locations of the Beach Report Card, which include the Pier, 26th Street and Herondo.

But during rainfall, when the beach is wet, high levels of bacteria, debris and trash from city streets can make their way into the ocean, especially near storm drains, such as the one at Herondo Street, and as a result, affect water quality.

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When wet, the other testing areas in Hermosa Beach fared well—the Pier area was still graded as A-plus and 26th Street was given a B.

When dry, all testing areas in Hermosa Beach were given at least an A. Overall, Hermosa Beach's ocean water quality has improved since infiltration systems were installed along Pier Avenue and the Strand in 2010.

The renovated Pier Avenue to include cobblestone pavements and a new infiltration-storm drain system. Both trap trash and storm water from the downtown area before it reaches the ocean.

Prior, the city completed its , which was built along the Strand as a protective barrier to capture urban runoff, stormwater, and debris before it reaches the ocean.

These two projects and national recognition for their efforts.


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