HB Among Highest in LA Area for Preschool Enrollment, Census Shows

Hermosa Beach ranked among the top of Los Angeles metro areas for enrollment of kids 3 years of age and older in preschools and nursery schools.

Over 13 percent of Hermosa Beach children age 3 and older enrolled in a preschool or nursery school, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest five-year estimates of demographic conditions in towns and neighborhoods.

That statistic compares to the estimated 5.6 percent of preschool enrollment for the young set in the Los Angeles area as a whole and, on the other side of the spectrum, the 2 percent figure for a community like Lake Los Angeles.

The Census Bureau's American Community Survey five-year estimates, released Thursday, provides an in-depth look at local populations, work life and families.

There's a wide variation in the Los Angeles metro area for characteristics such as languages spoken at home, educational attainment, marital status and living arrangements, the Census Bureau said.

"The American Community Survey provides the only statistics on school enrollment, jobs, housing and many other measures for all towns and neighborhoods," said Thomas Mesenbourg, the Census Bureau's acting director, in a news release.

"The results are used by everyone from retailers, homebuilders and police departments, to town and city planners. The numbers permit them to examine demographic patterns within metropolitan areas."

To find more information about communities in the Los Angeles area, go to the bureau's American FactFinder website. Or for an easy, quick way to pull up statistics in your area, visit the EasyStats page.

The American Community Survey five-year estimates cover states, counties, places, congressional districts, census tracts and block groups.

Last week's release was the first time since the 2000 Census that statistics for ZIP code tabulation areas, which roughly approximate the U.S. Postal Service's ZIP code areas, were released on various topics.

What have you found out about Hermosa Beach in the latest Census numbers? Tell us in the comments.


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