City Council Applauds Bike Valet Service

Mayor DiVirgilio thanks the organizers of the program, which encouraged residents to ride to Fiesta Hermosa.

The Fiesta Hermosa bike valet program, which parked more than 700 bicycles during Memorial Day weekend, was an "organic creation [that] came with the input of the community," according to Mayor Michael DiVirgilio.

At a City Council meeting Tuesday, he  presented a certificate of recognition to the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Hermosa Cyclery  for organizing the bike valet program.

"I think it's obvious to everybody what a shortage of space we have for bikes on any weekend, let alone Fiesta weekend," he said. "Thanks for paying to have staff there, volunteering your own time, and I'm sure doing a lot of other things that I totally overlooked."

The bike valet program was a community effort to encourage local residents to go carbon-free in their transportation to the Fiesta Hermosa activities. The South Bay Bicycle Coalition enlisted volunteers to park and retrieve bikes daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the Fiesta.  

Steve Collins of Hermosa Cyclery said in his Fiesta Hermosa day one report, "patrons were extremely appreciative of the service. There was a detectible enthusiasm in their expressions of appreciation, as though this was something they have been wanting for a long time and just realized that."



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