City to Continue Studying Street-Pole Signage Options

The City Council directs city staffers to explore street-pole signage options with community groups—suggesting that the space continue to display public art.

The Hermosa Beach City Council reviewed the city's policy on how street-pole banner space downtown can be used, and what can be displayed.

Council members unanimously decided to direct City Manager Steve Burrell to further explore options with the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and other entities.

The council and Burrell agreed that the banner space provides a creative way to display public art in the community.

"It could be a very artsy thing that would allow everybody to participate and it’s not expensive," Burrell told the council. "We could start off this spring or summer with a theme if we want."

To install banners on the city's street poles costs about $200, Burrell said.

The poles that now line Pier Avenue were installed as part of the Pier Avenue Improvement Project last year in October, and by local artists as part of their debut.

Now with the poles providing new street signage options, the council considered various ways in which the banner space could be used moving forward.

"It seems like a unique situation here. It really is. One we haven’t confronted before," said City Councilman Jeff Duclos at the council meeting.

Displays on the poles could promote community events, such as the annual St. Patrick's Day parade or popular , some council members suggested.

"For me, what is kind of intriguing is the mention of seasonal and a thematic concept," Duclos said. "Imagine two months before the parade we have green shamrocks up."

Council members also considered that the banner space could be used for sponsorship opportunities or fundraisers. But for now, city staffers will continue to meet with local groups to brainstorm the various possibilities.


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