City to Look Closer at Traffic Trouble

The Hermosa Beach City Council decides to form a subcommittee to gather community response on traffic problem areas.

The Hermosa Beach City Council decided to postpone making any traffic engineering decisions at Prospect Avenue and Aviation Boulevard until council members have heard feedback from more residents concerning traffic issues in the area.

“I don’t think the city needs to be spending $12,500 that could be used somewhere else,” Hermosa Beach resident Julian Katz told council members Tuesday about the idea of employing traffic engineering services.

A recent traffic study of the westbound left turn lane at Aviation Boulevard onto the southbound Prospect Avenue lane found that some motorists are using the adjacent Harper Avenue as a shortcut to avoid traffic (see accompanying city staff report.)

A proposal was submitted to the council to consider traffic engineering changes to reduce this issue—but some council members agreed with Katz’s argument that it’s a waste of money.

Councilman Howard Fishman motioned that a subcommittee should be formed that will organize meetings to discuss and pinpoint how the community feels about the traffic issue.

“I believe that we should hear from the community when it comes to this topic,” Fishman said.

Signing on with Fishman’s idea was Mayor Peter Tucker.

“I would actually like to be a part of this committee also,” Tucker said. “Don’t want the city to be spending money where it doesn’t need to be spent.”

Councilman Michael DiVirgilio added that most intersections in Hermosa Beach (other than Aviation and Prospect) deal with their own traffic problems.

“In the morning you can see people not even stopping at stop signs,” he said. “From 2nd street where I live to Prospect, all streets deal with their own problems throughout the day.” 

The council decided that a subcommittee will be formed with Mayor Tucker and Councilman Fishman to oversee and schedule discussions with the community to identify these traffic issues for the council to deliberate in a future meeting.

Gretchen Kix May 26, 2011 at 03:21 PM
From my front door I can view the intersections of Pier Ave. and Ardmore and Valley Dr. During the past 6 months I have witnessed 5 accidents. I have lived here for over 25 years so, doing the math, you can imagine how many other accidents I have witnessed, and even photographed. The City chooses to ignore this "double" intersection (what else is new). Thanks to being awaken by noise generated from 705 Pier Ave. (Zen Lounge), I often witness and get a big kick out of drivers, especially numerous taxi drivers, who travel this area from midnight to 2, 3 a.m.; they drive right through the stop signs on Pier Ave. and there's not one cop giving out tickets. Not one. Another problem is drivers using Valley Dr. north of Pier Ave. as a drag strip. the posted MPH is 25 yet drivers constantly drive in excess of that posted speed. I've never seen an officer once stop a car for speeding along Valley Dr. The apathy towards issuing tickets by the police department for driving violations is unbelievable.
Todd May 26, 2011 at 06:31 PM
Well, since we're ranting about idiotic and dangerous traffic in Hermosa, let me chime in on the madness that is the traffic lights at Pier and Hermosa Avenues. The signal is now interminably long so that people can cross diagonally - to a plaza where there is no traffic! And not only that, but with the four lights in the quarter-mile stretch between 11 Street and 15 Street on Hermosa Avenue, they do not appear to be timed. I have been caught at every single light in that stretch from Mama D's to the Cedar Restaurant, making it a ten-minute commute to go four blocks. Insane!
Gretchen Kix May 26, 2011 at 08:20 PM
I agree with you 100% about the the Pier light. You could write your memoirs waiting for that light. I've gotten so sick of it, when I'm on foot, that I just ignore it and cross safely after looking right and left.
Cyndi May 27, 2011 at 04:58 AM
While they're ticketing, I hope they stop those stupid bicyclists that shoot through every stop sign and light. They cause as many accidents as cars do.
Tom F. May 28, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Break out the radar gun for Hermosa Avenue every so often. It's crazy during rush hour when people try to avoid PCH and it's weird on the weekends when out-of-towners want to show off their muscle cars.


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