City Wants More Detail on Oil Project

After receiving the requested information, the city will issue a Request for Proposals for an environmental consultant.

The City of Hermosa Beach is asking for more information from E&B Natural Resources Management, Inc., the company applying to drill for oil in Hermosa.

E&B submitted its project application to the city on Nov. 15.

Said City Manager Tom Bakaly in a statement, “E&B provided a voluminous amount of information in its application for a proposed oil production project, and the city’s staff has spent numerous hours reviewing the information provided. As part of this routine process of reviewing materials, the staff has determined additional information is needed regarding E&B’s parking, lighting, storage and stormwater mitigation plans, as well as its proposal for amending the Coastal Land Use Plan. Once the city has received this additional information, it will be able to deem the application complete and move forward with the environmental reviews required under the California Environmental Quality Act.”

Under CEQA, the city is the lead agency on the review of E&B’s proposed oil production project. The city had 30 days from receiving the application to determine if E&B had provided all necessary information.

The city will issue a Request for Proposals for an environmental consultant once it has all of the information from E&B. City Council will select the consultant at a public City Council meeting. The consultant will assist with the preparation of the environmental documents required to comply with CEQA. 

Information about the CEQA process is available online on the city's website.

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