Election Day Nears in Hermosa Beach

In just one week, Hermosa Beach residents will head to the polls. Here's a look at the candidates, ballot measures, and where to vote.

One week from Tuesday, Hermosa Beach voters will be able to elect two City Council members, one city treasurer, and a possible new business license tax measure in the .

Here's a Patch guide to figuring out where and when you're voting—and who you're voting for:

Where and how to vote

Click here to find your polling place. County election polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. However, some local cities conducting separate municipal elections may close polls at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Who's running?

In Hermosa Beach, four candidates are vying for two open seats on the : Hany Fangary, an environmental engineer/lawyer, Steve Powers, a business consultant, and councilmen Michael DiVirgilio and Peter Tucker.

Fangary has stepped into the local political scene as in town.

As a Hermosa Beach resident who has been outspoken about holding government accountable, Fangary said in his candidate statement that "informing the community of important issues, gathering input from stakeholders, and equitably balancing the interests of all" is important.

"Supporting our school district and upholding quality standards for police, fire, and City services. Working with residents and businesses to address safety and nuisance concerns in the downtown area. Protecting our environment through sustainable green programs," he wrote.

Powers throughout his campaign has focused on the relationship between local businesses and the community.

"Small business in Hermosa Beach is the lifeblood of our community. We have an amazing opportunity as Hermosa Beach citizens to cultivate and grow small businesses that reflect the innate special qualities that are purely unique to our 'quaint village by the sea,'" he wrote in his campaign statement.

Incumbent DiVirgilio has more to contribute to the community. "During my 2007 campaign I solicited citizen’s comments regarding their concerns, which became the foundation and focus of my problem-solving efforts as your city councilman," he wrote in his candidate statement. "I look forward to hearing your priorities for the next four years and working with you to implement them."

This focus on transparency within government was put into action when City Hall last year released  during DiVirgilio's mayoral term. Also, some of his suggestions have moved forward in council decisions.

While serving on council, DiVirgilio also looked closely at , revitalizing Pier Avenue, street repair, and the panel created a join committee with the School Board, he wrote.

Incumbent Tucker has the most experience as a city official out of all of the candidates. He wrote in his candidate statement that he has "the passion to make sound fiscal policies, ensuring a high quality of life for Hermosa Beach residents."

During Tucker's in the fall and winter, the Upper Pier Avenue Street Improvement Project , and the council adopted a .

  • For more about City Council candidates, watch their first debate here on Patch:

Elaine Doerfling is running to keep her position as City Clerk, and two candidates are running for City Treasurer: corporate managing director David Cohn and incumbent John Workman.

The City Treasurer race has attracted much media attention in the South Bay, as Cohn has been critical of Workman's performance, and Workman argues that he has made "safe" and responsible decisions, according to the Easy Reader.

Also on the ballot

Measure Q, which would place high fees on restaurants and bars based on their hours, location, and alcohol, has been opposed by the City Council and . Measure N, which would aim to "simplify" the business license tax, was created by the city's .

klc November 05, 2011 at 04:28 AM
A municipal investment strategy cannot be compared with today's common adage to "diversify" one's 401k. Cohn's desire to introduce so much change (for the sake of change itself) is scary. Safety and longterm outlook are what Hermosoans should be voting for this Nov. 8th by supporting incumbent John Workman.
Tom F. November 07, 2011 at 04:26 PM
Anyone remember when Bush suggested that people should be able to invest their social security in the stock market? Right before it crashed!!! Risky investments are for young people who have time to recover from their mistakes. Not for a city that needs to pay employees even when the market takes a dive.
Jeff Cohn November 08, 2011 at 06:35 PM
Laddering bonds can be done by any investment moron who has common sense. Does Hermosa want a Treasurer who is uninformed and leads with fear? CDs and FDIC insured investments are not safe? Just stupid at this point in the financial crisis. If these fail everything does.


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