Electric Cars to Charge Up In Hermosa

The Hermosa Beach City Council unanimously approves four locations where electric vehicle charging stations can be installed.

Electric vehicle owners soon will be able to plug their cars into charging stations along the north side of Pier Avenue and at , the Hermosa Beach City Council has decided.

The panel unanimously agreed night to approve four locations in town where electric vehicle charging stations can be installed—three on Pier Avenue and one at the municipal building.

Hermosa Beach resident Dency Nelson, , told the council that he thought the locations "frankly, are perfect."

The city considered installing electric vehicle charging stations downtown during last year, but lacked sufficient information at the time regarding funding and availability, according to city staffers.

The city now has considered Coulomb Technologies to provide a local charging system. The design and installation of charging stations are expected to cost about $102,531 (see accompanying city staff report under photo).

Researchers predict that "the West Coast will be the highest penetration area for electric vehicles by 2017," Michael Jones of Coulomb Technologies told the council Tuesday, adding that he thinks the charging stations are "very important" in coastal communities, such as Hermosa Beach.

Jones said that charging an electric vehicle, such as the Nissan Leaf, would take motorists about an hour or two hours at the stations. A fully drained battery might take six hours to charge, he said.

City Manager Steve Burrell suggested that the three charging stations on Pier Avenue serve as 15-minute parking zones for any motorist when unoccupied.

Councilman Peter Tucker saw the charging stations as "great" opportunities "to promote our city and our goals of sustainability. I’m excited for this," he said at the meeting. "I think this is a first step to see if this really works."

What do you think about installing charging stations for electric vehicles in Hermosa Beach? 

Tom F. August 12, 2011 at 06:52 PM
I'll be very surprised if these stations get much use. You'll have one or two enthusiasts plugging in and then it'll sit unused 99% of the time. As a 15-minute parking space it'll be a great success.
Joe Galliani August 13, 2011 at 08:23 PM
I predict that these charging sites will be highly popular with EV owners throughout the L.A. area as the word gets out that you can drive down to the beach to play, shop and dine and charge up your car for the return trip home just a few blocks from the ocean. They'll become even more popular as the price of gasoline spikes back up as it inevitably will. Only people who have never driven an electric car and don't know the car manufacturers' plans for producing hundreds of thousands of them over the next few years offer uninformed negative reviews about their lack of future success. Hermosa is to be congratulated for being proactive and saavy to capture this desirable demographic to boost its economy before any other beach city.
occ September 03, 2011 at 08:36 PM
Thumbs up for Hermosa Beach. I have a LEAF EV and its range is just barely not enough for a round trip from Irvine...I would definitely visit if I know I can plug in while dining and be able to return home. Also a suggestion for the design and placement of these chargers: put it where more than one parking spot can share one station with multiple outlets - helps keep the cost down and maximize usage.
Duke Noor September 04, 2011 at 02:09 PM
Best wishes HB, but the charging station that used to be near my bank in MB was rarely used and eventually it was removed. Also, the car of the year, GM Chevrolet "Volt" is not doing as well as predicted it would, especially with it's $41,000 price tag. GM has repeatedly said that it will sell 10,000 Volts by the end of 2011. The total stands at approximately 3,772. GM doesn't worry though. They will begin exporting three different versions of the current car to Europe and Asia under the names of its overseas brands starting next year. The green cause is great in many ways, but it also makes a lot of people a lot on money !!!
Joe Galliani September 05, 2011 at 12:04 AM
The charging station behind the bank in MB has the old paddle inductor connector and the reason it was rarely used is because the vast majority of the cars that used that system were collected by the manufacturers and crushed when they were gaming the California system in the 90s and killed that generation of electric cars. That's a different era and the chargers today use the J1772 plug which is standard for all electric cars. Quoting sales numbers of eclectric cars the first year that they're out is pretty meaningless. Give them a decade like the Prius and then lets total up the numbers. Early adapters always pay a premium, especially when there's not enough competitive product. But that will start changing next year when several additional EVs hit the market and even more so in 2013 when yet more new EVs arrive. When you're quoting the Volt sales figure don't forget to include the $7500 federal tax credit. Being smart about our energy use and cutting the use of fossil fuel isn't a "green cause" it's the obvious responsible response to the world we live in today. No one I know goes green to make money. They do it to save money and resources.
Duke Noor September 06, 2011 at 05:37 PM
The Chevy "Volt" concept is great, but the Government stepped in and politicized the once exciting deal. Young, high income individuals will most likely be the buyers in the next 10 years. But why would they buy one when they can get a good looking Mercedes at almost half the price of the Volt? Plus, the "environmentally-friendly" car market is not so friendly to auto manufacturers, nor the taxpayers who fund the research and subsidies. Being smart about our energy use is practical and good. The problem is that "environmentally-friendly" is, for now, a groundless trend that stirs more conversation than consumerism.


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