Fishman to Focus on Health, Safety

Howard Fishman is appointed mayor of Hermosa Beach—he aims to improve community health, he says.

Howard Fishman took over as mayor of Hermosa Beach in a City Council meeting Tuesday night, where as part of the city's mayoral rotation. Jeff Duclos was appointed as mayor pro tempore.

Fishman said "thank you" to Tucker as the two men switched seats during the council meeting.

“As mayor, my goal will be to protect and serve the residents of Hermosa Beach by working with the business community, the residents and my fellow council members to make the best little beach city a healthier, safer and cleaner place to live, work and play,” Fishman said in a statement released just moments before his appointment.

As he aims to focus on community health, Fishman said that one of his goals is to further limit the impact secondhand tobacco smoke has on residents and visitors to the city.

Fishman serves on with Duclos that has on public health, specifically smoking in outdoor dining areas.

Concerning traffic safety, Fishman said that he plans to work with Tucker on implementing methods for slowing down motorists and reducing traffic on Prospect Avenue. A public hearing on the issue is to be held in October.

And as the PCH-Aviation Improvement Committee has been along the PCH and Aviation Boulevard roadways, Fishman said that he plans to seek funding to support the group's proposals.

Fishman's also turning his focus to downtown—he said that he plans to work with the business community to clean up a commercial trash enclosure that has become a nuisance in the area.

“Each of these goals is aimed at making improvements in our city that will have a direct impact on people’s lives and health,” Fishman said. “Working together, we can achieve these goals and ensure a better future for all who live and work in Hermosa Beach.”


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