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Letter to the Editor from E&B's President

Steve Layton, the president of E&B Natural Resources, the company that could possibly be conducting an oil drilling operation in Hermosa Beach, explains more about the project his company is proposing.

Dear Ms. Spear: 

Thank you for the article highlighting our application to locate, build and operate an oil production facility from the site of the current location of the City’s maintenance facility.

As our application demonstrates, science and new technology now enables the safe recovery of offshore oil from a single, onshore location. We are proposing to utilize environmentally responsible directional drilling technology to safely recover oil, protect both the coast and surrounding neighborhoods, and provide a new revenue stream to the City and schools of Hermosa Beach.

The project concentrates all resource recovery, ultimately up to 30 producing wells, and also up to 4 return water injection wells, contained in a well cellar, at the single 1.3-acre site. The location is a light industrial, mixed use area, and in the past the site was utilized as the City’s landfill, and also housed earlier oil recovery operations.

Importantly, our project application documents that no controversial shale “hydraulic fracking” technology will be used for recovery. And, it describes how all recovery and processing operations will be fully contained, utilizing a closed loop system, that will protect the neighborhood and surrounding community from the risk of spill or accident. 

Finally, the rig heights and increased traffic that we’ve heard concerns about are temporary -- related only to construction or maintenance. Normal production operations will have less traffic than the current use, and will be quietly maintained behind a landscaped 16-foot split-block wall border, with a 10 foot setback from Valley Dr., along with street improvements and undergrounding of utility lines.

We appreciate continuing coverage of this important local issue in Hermosa Beach. We remain confident that ongoing news and information about this project, as it moves through the City’s public review process, will reveal both its benefits and environmental protections. We are confident that this will enable residents to make an informed choice in a future vote to allow this project to move forward to deliver needed new revenues to the City and its schools. 


Steve Layton, President
E&B Natural Resources

Jeff Cohn November 19, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Ok Steve! Than why do you have E&B Hermosa setup as a shell corporation? Worried that your billion dollar company E&B (a mini Oxidental) might have some exposure if something goes wrong? Don't want to lose it all AGAIN do you? Maybe you won't be hydraulic fracking immediately but you don't say you won't be doing any kind of fracking throughout the life of the project. Almost every well that is drilled in Southern California gets fracked of some kind. Steve stop lying through omission of facts. Why not talk about how the State of California tidelands trust which controls the oil revenue from under the Ocean. Not E&B or Hermosa Beach. We can't build schools and classrooms on the beach? Stop lying through omission of facts. http://hermosabeach.patch.com/articles/letter-to-the-editor-from-e-b-s-president?1353359819#comment_5530093
Dave Andrews November 19, 2012 at 09:44 PM
We met and you said you were not "Fracking" but you would be putting chemicals into the ground. Funny how you try to distant your company from "Fracking" yet you forget to mention you are going to put chemicals into the ground.
David Makharadze November 19, 2012 at 10:14 PM
When is the first community meeting on this? I think we need a solid debate on the issue where residents can listen to the debate in order to make informed decisions.
M Charles Fogg November 20, 2012 at 12:31 AM
To Steve Layton. If your really want to win hearts and minds in Hermosa Beach, first, never, ever lie to them. The lie you told outright was that the city schools could possibly be funded from this project. It is under tidelands regulation which means you could build gold plated lifeguard stands. The risks are greater than the rewards to citizens here. Second, there is no way you will ever convince anyone such a 30 year project will be invisible, noise and pollution free, and risk free. Right now we enjoy none of the above, and any percentage, however small, of risk is greater than the zero we currently enjoy. It is a lie of deception to try to characterize this development as being in an industrial area, which is for a zoning the footprint of a postage stamp in the middle of a residential community the density of Hong Kong. The history you are up against is an outright ban placed by the citizens and supported by the California Supreme Court. If in going forward despite that, you cause one dollar of expenditure by the city, the city will be open to liability of misappropriation of city tax funds. If you are foolish enough to spend money here, you greatly underestimate the will of these people. They have already spoken, loudly, and in no uncertain terms. And this community is highly educated and smart. They know full well what happens to their property values when you move in.
H. Schwartz November 20, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Mr. Layton,you have already won the hearts and minds of a lot of us Hermosans, keep the faith. Your description of the city yard as a " light industrial, mixed use area" is 100% accurate, anyone who lives here would be aware of this,also,it was once the City's landfill and the site of the Stinnett oil recovery operations.These are facts, not emotion.Mr. Fogg states "there is no way you will ever convince anyone such a 30 year project will be invisible,noise and pollution free,and risk free." I could not find this in your post, Most of us realize life is not without risk. This "zero" risk utopia he describes simply doesn't exist. I'm surprised to see Mr. Fogg mention property values as the facts don't support his argument, when Don Mcpherson moved to town, my property values ROSE steadily. Also, its important to remember when first voted on, the City needed money,as is the case now. We passed it once,we can pass it again. Thank You


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