Letter to the Editor from E&B's President

The company encourages the public to stop in its Hermosa Beach office, call or write with questions.

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We understand that some residents of Hermosa Beach remain concerned about the oil recovery project proposed by E&B Natural Resources. And we understand that there remains a lot of misinformation and lack of understanding regarding both the factual details of the project, as well as its potential benefits. 

But we are optimistic that as the City proceeds through its public review process -- which will include an environmental review, a health and safety review, and an economic benefit review -- that the specific details and the benefits of this project will come to light, and enable the citizens of Hermosa Beach to come to their own conclusion and decision through voter approval.

E&B is confident that we can recover oil that resides within the city’s jurisdiction both safely, and to the benefit of the Hermosa Beach community – delivering hundreds of millions of dollars of both royalty and tax revenues which will cumulate to the community over the life of the project. Revenues will flow to the City, the schools, as well as many private citizens who hold royalty rights.

It is important to note that even though E&B has submitted its project application and detailed project description, we are at the very front end of the City’s public review process (which will include public meetings and hearings).  So the confusion and misstatements that can surface at public forums, such as last night’s school board meeting, are understandable.

However, the City’s public review process will assess in great detail, E&B’s ability to safely recover oil resources to the benefit of the Hermosa Beach community.  As this process evolves throughout the balance of this year, we encourage citizens to remain involved and to ask questions and receive answers.

Our offices at 205 Pier are open for citizens to come in and ask questions and receive answers. We also can be reached by telephone at: (424) 903-7222, or through the web at: http://ebnr-hermosa.com.

Thank you,
Steve Layton
E&B Natural Resources

Boo January 25, 2013 at 05:54 PM
This will never happen. I can't understand why any local resident would vote for drilling in Hermosa Beach.
Jeff Cohn January 25, 2013 at 06:04 PM
Dear Steve Layton, I like you as a person and want to thank you for donating money to organizations throughout the City and for creating a few "tempoary jobs" for some local residents. However, didn't you admit to me in person that you might not have done the deal had you known all of the facts that you know now? I feel bad that the City put you in this position. This could have been prevented with a public meeting 10 months ago. I commend Kit Bobko for finally admitting that he and Michael Divirgilio are "taking heat" over THEIR oil settlement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQm9D4iIOoE
Dave Andrews January 25, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Steve, Funny how this looks like an advertisement not a letter to the editor. Hire a new PR team. If you cared you would state some facts and figures. You should have estimates that you can share. When you read between the lines of what you stated it really doesn't sound to good. You state you will "recover oil in the city's jurisdiction". How much oil is estimated and what does that mean for revenue per year and over the lifetime of the deal that can be used in the city (simple projections would be nice)? If you are so sure why not give the city a guarantee of those millions of dollars! Funny how you forget to mention that you are looking to drill in the ocean and that is what you said in a meeting with me and others. You said that is where the bulk of the oil is. In your letter you forgot to mention the Tide Lands Act and how money from the oil in the ocean can only be used west of the mean tide. Your letter to the editor is pure BS and you need to show facts and figures if you want to spout out hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue! You fail to mention that you you have had a massive oil spill on 9/22/1998 with oil, natural gas, and produced water shooting 200-300 feet in the air covering almost 2 miles of wetlands! Then you filed for bankruptcy and we the tax payers footed the bill! Just be transparent! People can easily get educated themselves on any device, at anytime, anywhere.
H. Schwartz January 26, 2013 at 02:01 AM
I'm a local resident and I intend to vote for drilling in Hermosa Beach for the third time because, the city has millions in unfunded pension liabilities,also we have three fire captains all making over 200,000 annually (wait till they retire) not to mention over paid parking enforcement.Also,if this doesn't pass the city has to pay E&B oil 17.5 million dollars.So its really a no brainer once you look into it.


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