Mailing Taxes at Last Second Getting Harder

Fewer post offices are staying open late since most folks file electronically.

Maybe you don't trust electronic tax filing. Maybe you're just old school. But if you mail your tax returns and wait until the last second to do them, you'd better add some significant driving time to get to the nearest post office that's open late tonight for last-second tax filing.

The United States Postal Service has been reducing the number of post offices that remain open until midnight on tax day for the past several years.

"Most people file electronically," said Richard Maher, spokesman for the USPS.

He said that last year, 77 percent of returns were filed electronically.

"Compared to back when there wasn't any other choice, there just isn't any call for it anymore," he said.

In addition, keeping the post office open costs the service a lot of money in overtime and other associated costs. Nor does the service get a lot back in terms of revenue.

"It's usually people with just two envelopes in hand," Maher said.

The closest open post office in the western end of Los Angeles county is Airport Station, 9029 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles. Both retail service (so you can buy the stamps) and mail collection will be open until midnight.

The next two closest locations are the Long Beach P&DC, 2300 Redondo Ave., Long Beach, with retail service until 7 p.m. and mail collection until midnight; and the Los Angeles Post Office, 7001 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, with both retail service and mail collection until midnight.


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