MoveOn Rally Moves Into Hermosa

About 50 protesters gather at Pier Avenue and PCH Tuesday to stand against proposed state and federal budget cuts.

About 50 local activists waved signs on the corner of PCH and Pier Avenue around dusk Tuesday that read, "public employees did not cause recession" and "save the American dream." Some cars honked as they drove by.

"People need to wake up," said Redondo Beach resident Heather Berry as she waved one of her signs along PCH. "Their civil liberties are being taken away."

The rally was part of a organized by the liberal advocacy group MoveOn to raise awareness about proposed budget cuts here in California and Congress that could hurt funding for a slew of social services and programs, as well as public employees, said the protesters. 

"State and federal politicians aren't getting any cuts in their pay, but we're out here paying gas... and I'm working an extra job," said Hermosa Beach resident Maggie Lynch at the rally.

The protesters were also concerned about  across the country as well as here in Hermosa Beach. Proposed budget cuts could eliminate some financial aid for students, the jobs of thousands of teachers and child care programs nationwide, they said.

"When you're cutting education, you're cutting the future," said Hermosa Beach School Board member Ray Waters, who stopped by the rally.

March 18 is the deadline to set the federal budget for the fiscal year.


john wayne miller March 17, 2011 at 02:44 AM
I support the protesters. Thanks Patch for the info.


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