Is Oil Drilling On Its Way?

Hermosa Beach voters will face a decision whether or not to allow oil to be extracted within the city. Fox News' William La Jeunesse visited Hermosa for an April report. Here's a look at his video as well as links to a city website and a Faceb

Hermosa Beach city officials expect to receive an application from E&B Natural Resources early next month, according to the latest information from E&B. The company had previously reported it would submit the application by the end of October.

The City of Hermosa Beach has a link on its home page to direct readers to information on the legal settlement that is prompting E&B's application to drill for oil in the city; the steps that will follow once E&B submits an application and what role the voter will play in determining if E&B is allowed to drill for oil in Hermosa.

Opponents of any oil drilling in Hermosa have launched a Facebook page as well.

In April, when city officials announced that allowing oil drilling in the city would be put to voters to decide, Fox News' William La Jeunesse visited the city to report on the news. His video captures a diversity of opinions, including resident Michael Keegan's take on the issue.

How do you intend to follow the facts, developments and latest news on E&B's oil drilling project?

Have you already made up your mind about whether or not voters should allow E&B to drill for oil in Hermosa?

Jeff Cohn October 30, 2012 at 05:56 AM
The Fox report is beyond comprehension and I am a Republican ashamed. The worst reporting I have ever seen. No facts just hype.


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