Poll: What's Your Take on Oil Drilling in Hermosa?

In wake of the Macpherson Oil Co. settlement, weigh in on oil drilling now in our Patch poll.

As Hermosa Beach officials have reached a settlement in the lawsuit brought against the city by Macpherson Oil Co., a debate over oil drilling has resurfaced.

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As part of the settlement, , Hermosa voters possibly will decide whether to approve oil drilling in city limits or continue a ban on the practice. Municipal code currently deems oil drilling "unlawful."

"The residents get the choice," said City Councilman Michael DiVirgilio last week about .

Marking an end to its lawsuit, Macpherson Oil Co. agreed to assign its lease and permits for an oil project in Hermosa Beach to E & B Natural Resources Management Corp.

The city first plans to conduct an extensive environmental review of the proposed oil-drilling project at E & B's expense. If the project is determined safe then an oil-drilling measure will be up for a vote, according to city officials.

If voters decide to allow oil drilling, royalties from oil produced would be given to the city and Hermosa Beach City School District, according to officials, and the city would owe only $3.5 million to E & B. If voters decide to oppose oil drilling, the city would owe $17.5 million to E & B (see accompanying fact sheet under photo.)

Jeff Cohn May 09, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Did someone change the wording of this poll? I think readers are confused what they are voting for. Nobpinhb.com has a poll that is 82% no drilling and 17% for oil drilling. I am a bit confused who is voting and what they are voting for.
Chris Prenter May 09, 2012 at 10:09 PM
I am against the oil drilling. I have children and I definitely don't want them exposed to this heavy industrial mess 75 yards from our home. Oil drilling doesn't belong here next to our residential neighborhood and adjacent to South Park. The health and safety of this community should come first. Not to mention property values and quality of life. Having major truck traffic running up and down Valley, Cypress and Loma on a daily basis (despite what they say) plus the noise pollution and mess from all the site construction and oil pipeline down Valley Drive will be a nightmare for our neighborhood. The oil company will promise the world and tell everyone what a great benefit it is going to be for the city. They really could care less about our schools but they will dangle that carrot if it suits their purpose. I anticipate a lot of PR spinning from them over the next year. We don't want it in our city and we will fight it.
Mike collins May 09, 2012 at 11:34 PM
I am a homeowner in hermosa beach and my property overlooks the proposed drill site. I have myriad environmental concerns and am also not interested in losing the value of my home. Get informed people because this is the most important issue we will face as residents of such a small town. No drilling in hermosa beach!
Jeff Tsai May 29, 2012 at 04:36 AM
I live in Hermosa and my kids will go to Valley and play in the area. So, of course, I would vote NO. But I think we got a good deal here as long as we can all band together to vote no. From my research of this issue, Hermosa had offered to settle with Macpherson for $20mil only to be rejected. Now we have to put up a ballot measure at the expense of E&B. And if we vote no, we'll only owe $17.5 mil, much of which can be paid by selling some city-owned property? There is our answer. Just vote NO and get this mistake behind us!
Ragnar Arnesen August 23, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Dude where do you live? I'm on 7th and Ardmore. Can we put the oil drill next to your house? And please the Hermosa School District is only 2 schools with Elememtry schools, no high school, I think the revenue for the school district is a ridiculous choice to choose to drill, what about the safety of the kids? I completely disagree with you. If you are for oil drilling then you should move to Single Hill in Long Beach. VOTE NO!


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