Oil Project Application Delayed until November

The much-anticipated E&B Natural Resources oil project application expected at the end of October won't be submitted until next month.

E&B Natural Resources has delayed the submission of its proposal to drill for oil in Hermosa Beach, the company said in a prepared statement.

Earlier this year, the company's president, Steve Layton, said in an open letter to Hermosa Beach residents that E&B "has been working diligently to design a project that meets the standards that Hermosa Beach residents deserve. This work is nearing completion and we anticipate submitting a full project application in October."

The application is now not expected out until early November.

Company spokeswoman Tiffany Rau said in statement that the application is nearing completion:

"E&B’s Engineering and Permitting team continue to compile over 1,000 pages and over 10 technical reports into a comprehensive project description for city and public review.

"E&B wants to ensure that its application meets the standards that Hermosa
residents expect and that the document is easily accessible. In addition to
finalizing the robust project description and technical reports, E&B is
working on a user-friendly electronic document to be available for public
download on the city’s website. EBNR-Hermosa looks forward to bringing the
project forward and the start of the city’s review. The application will be
announced and available to the public upon submittal."

Once the project description and application are filed, the company will issue a statement, Rau said.

In March, the City Council agreed to settle a long-standing legal dispute over oil drilling in Hermosa Beach. As part of the deal, E&B paid $30 million to settle the lawsuit and was granted permission to propose an oil production project to the city.

Hermosa Beach residents will vote on whether the project can proceed.

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