Team Radio Test in Case of Emergency

Hermosa Beach amateur radio operators demonstrate the emergency capabilities of ham radio during a 26-hour Field Day operation at the Pier—contacting areas around the world.

Four members from the Hermosa Beach Amateur Radio Association spent the weekend participating in Field Day, an annual nationwide exercise demonstrating the emergency capabilities of ham radio. 

Situated at the end of Hermosa Beach Pier, the team worked for 26 hours Saturday and Sunday contacting a global network of other operators across the country and even in far away places, including Chile and New Zealand.

The team used time-tested technologies, such as non-commercial radio bands, antennas and even Morse code, that would be used to communicate with other areas during a disaster situation. The demo was entirely self-sufficient. Batteries and solar panels provided by  powered all of the equipment. 

The American Radio Relay League sponsors Field Day, which also doubles as a contest. Points are awarded for the number and type of radio operators contacted, however, there is no prize beyond first-place recognition. 

"It becomes a hobby, and it becomes a community service," said John Kovac, vice president of the Hermosa Beach Amateur Radio Association.


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