Tina Schrader
When it comes to best describing me, let's put it this way: when I was little my aunt Betsy, who was then studying to become a teacher, practiced administering aptitude tests on me. When my mother later asked her how I did, Betsy said, "Well, her answers weren't wrong...they were just...different." So conventional I'm not. :)
I'm quirky, easily amused, easily pleased and open-minded. I think way too much - particularly about the personal and political, the planet and world peace. And Pez. As in candy. Currently I write the daily column, "5 Things You Need To Know Today." I began my professional career in Communications by producing and hosting a radio program, "FSU Headlines," for my alma mater, Florida State University, from which I received a B.A. in Communications. After that I worked in a variety of jobs, including being a nursing assistant at a nursing home - to date one of my most physically and emotionally demanding, but most of all fulfilling - positions. Did I mention that I did post mortem work as part of that job? I do love Halloween... ;) Over the years I've served as Marketing Vice President for the Burbank Jaycees and have written numerous profiles, articles, press releases and other marketing materials for the organization, as well as produced a newsletter for the Burbank Relay For Life, a signature event of the national organization The American Cancer Society. I tend to watch shows & movies I like over and over. Like "Aliens" - love that movie. When I was a teenager, I would watch it back to back on cable. Over and over...which is just really sad. And odd. I like cheese, too. And I sort of don't trust women who say they don't like chocolate. It's just not natural.
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